We thought we would take a moment to celebrate the success of our very own Admiral Nurse, Joe Costello, and his recent award as Winner for Quality Improvement Project through the Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy and the Dementia UK Leadership programme. The award has been given to him for this work on our Young Onset Online Peer Support Group, details of which can be found in the poster he designed as part of the project.

Joe was successful in his application to be part of Dementia UK’s Leadership Programme 2020 -2021. He gained a place to participate on their Admiral Nurse Leadership Course and the Florence Nightingale Foundation Admiral Nurse programme.  

In Joe's own words, "Dementia Matters supported and encouraged me to take up these opportunities to enhance my professional and practice development.  I am motivated to inspire potential and effectiveness in our dementia services through enhanced leadership ability thereby achieving improved outcomes for those affected by dementia in local communities. The Dementia UK Leadership programme with Florence Nightingale Foundation offered me an array of learning opportunities, strategies and tools on developing my leadership skills and qualities."

"Part of the leadership programme involved undertaking a quality improvement project.  Focusing on part of the dementia care pathway within our Dementia Advice Centre, our aim was to improve the quality of post diagnostic support for people diagnosed with young onset dementia and their carers within Newcastle upon Tyne. A team approach was adopted with a shared commitment to delivering this digital intervention once a month in a safe and supportive environment.  Our online peer support continues to evolve and develop in creating various opportunities for those living and affected by young onset dementia. "

"This is a great honour and recognition of the work delivered by myself and the team at Dementia Matters with inspiring change within our services to meet the needs locally of people living and affected by young onset dementia."

Everyone at Dementia Matters is thrilled for Joe, and we are pleased to announce that he will be hosting a Dementia Advice Session as part of our Dementia Action Week 2021 event line up. 

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Dementia Advice Session