On the weekend of 30th April 2021 to 3rd May 2021, in honour of what would be Captain Tom's 101st birthday, his family have asked if people can raise funds for a charity of their choice around the theme of 100 things to help remember this incredible man and his lasting legacy. We put our heads together and various members of the team have made the following pledges:

  • Rebecca and our Cramlington Day Support Service attendees are going to complete a 100 question quiz and a 100 piece collage.
  • Christine and her daughters pledge to make 100 chocolate crispy cakes
  • Tomi pledges to do 100 bounces on the trampoline
  • Kelly has pledged to donate 100 items to charity
  • Georgina, Sue, Liz, Elliot and Charlie have pledged to litter pick at least 100 items along a beach walk over the weekend

More pledges still to come!

We are hoping to raise funds through the fundraising drive to give our Bradbury Centre and surrounding grounds a bit of a makeover! Here's what your donation could help us achieve: