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Covid-19 has been a challenging time for all charities up and down the country, with the main loss barer being a lack of physical events.

Firstly Id like to thank each and everyone of you guys who have donated or fundraised for our cause! Without your support we cannot do what we do! I was touched when so many of you supported my 2.6 challenge with my Wife Clare we managed to raise over £1,000 which for a charity like ours means the world.

The best thing about being a fundraiser for Dementia matters is knowing that you are making a difference to a fantastic cause with fantastic people. You can see on a daily basis that your hard work is paying off! As every penny really counts for us and goes into the running of our services

It's been amazing to see the generosity shown across the country with the various fundraising efforts for the NHS, not withstanding Sir Major Toms walk for the NHS.  Its great that people have had a common goal to meet and support, but as is often the case us smaller charities sometimes do miss out.

With us being a small charity in the North East of England we do get overlooked.

People often look to the national charities when they are donating or looking for a cause. Our challenge is to tap into those people and get them to donate to us rather than the national. This is difficult with us being small as we don’t have the advertising budget to compete with the big hitters.

It would be great if people considered what was available locally when it came to donating, knowing that the funds they donate would go directly to our services rather than to maintaining huge overheads that the big charities have.

We NEED your support in order to sustain and grow our services as lockdown continues and beyond, we have huge ambitions to reach even more people in 2021 and we couldn’t do it without your support.

 I love to hear and talk to people who would like to support us and love to engage with people in the community. Please consider us when you are looking at a cause to support, with us being a small charity we can add that personal touch to your fundraising efforts and really support you along the way.

Greg Robinson

Fundraising Manager

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