The lockdown has been difficult for most, if not all, but especially but for those "shielding" and in care homes.

Carol and I are so thankful to have had the Bradbury Centre to help us out during the prolonged lockdown associated with our "shielding" situation.  Our father, Derek was only in temporary respite when lockdown began but we were ever so grateful that you were prepared to keep him in respite during the lockdown period.  This certainly helped Carol and I immensely for which we are most grateful.  Due to a change in home circumstances earlier in the year, we had put Derek on the waiting list for a permanent place, albeit it was something not done lightly and we expected it would be at least several months or longer before a place may have become available but we really did not want him to go anywhere else especially as the staff seem to know him, respect him and look after him so well.


We really appreciate the work you did to give an opportunity for Derek to remain permanently in the Bradbury Centre, which we like to think was a "win win" situation for both ourselves and hopefully financially for the Bradbury Centre.  Once again we are so indebted to the Bradbury Centre for this.  It means Carol and I can face the uncertain future over her diagnosis without having to worry about, and care for, Derek round the clock.


Derek is now in the only place we feel really happy and comfortable about given we are no longer caring for him.  The staff and their loyalty to both Derek and ourselves has been immeasurable and something for which we shall be eternally grateful.  We could not have undertaken the journey of the last 2 and a half years without the Bradbury Centre support.


Our thanks to all concerned.


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