We first launched our #RememberMe campaign in December 2020. The aim at the time was to draw attention to the plight of people living with dementia at Christmas time, the ones who don't have family or friends to spend time with them over the festive season.

This year, we've decided to expand on the theme. We want to raise awareness not only of the person living with dementia, but of those around them, too.

 For Dementia Action Week, we are proud to have relaunched the campaign, first with a video featuring our service users, and then with some videos from some special celebrity faces and members of our team. We think the lovely Betty sums it up best when she says, 'Remember me, I'm still me.'

When someone gets diagnosed with dementia, there is a tendency to start talking about them in the past tense – we saw this when the news broke about the late, great Dame Barbara Windsor. One particular news programme kept referring to her in the past sense when she was, at the time, still very much with us and that was a defining moment for a lot of us who work at Dementia Matters.

One of the things we have always promoted is person centred care – from our bespoke Home Support service, to Respite & Residential, to Day Service, we endeavour to always see the people we support as being individuals. Anyone who has had any experience of living or working with people with dementia knows that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach – everyone is different, and so too is their dementia journey.

That was the aim of our #RememberMe campaign for Dementia Action Week: we want to promote the idea that a person with dementia doesn't cease to exist when they get their diagnosis; they are still every bit the person they were before, and each is unique with their own story to tell. We all have something we'd like to be remembered for, and there's no better time to make it known as now.

We hope you enjoy the videos photos shared by our service users, celebrities, and staff  – and hope you join in the conversation on social media, sharing with your friends and loved ones how you would like to be remembered.

We'll be continuing our campaign in June, when the #RememberMe campaign turns its attention to unpaid carers and ask people to remember them, too. If you'd like to take part in our Carers Week campaign and share your story, please get in touch.

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