You will need a little bit of pre planning to arrange a successful collection, don't worry we've got you covered! You can contact us at 0191 217 1323 if you have any questions at any point throughout the process.


Making a success of your collection could all come down to the location, think about somewhere where you know people attend. Popular choices are supermarkets, football grounds, and busy shopping streets. Work with the location managers to come up with a safe area that works for both your dates and the venues dates. 

Licensing and policy

Speak to whoever’s responsible for the venue you would like to use to make sure that they are okay with you going and collecting there. They may need you to apply for a license, the venue will have details on this but if they don't you may need to contact us to advise you further. All councils are different but it can take some time to get a license so make sure you allow plenty of time for you application. 


Can you get people such as friends, family, or colleagues to help you on the day? It would be best to do it with at least one other person as it certainly makes it more fun!


Advertise your event in advance, this may lead to people being prepared and having change with them. Ask the venue if you can put up a poster or advertise somewhere close. You could also use your own social media to promote such as notice boards or even find local social media groups. You can get resources to help you with your day here


Plan how you are going to bank your donations. The easiest way would be to create your own fundraiser, you may even be able to get a few online donations if you promote this link too.

During your fundraising collection

Here are a few things you’ll want to do when you’re out collecting:

  • Make yourself as visible as possible
  • let the people known your story and why you decided to do the collection
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Be prepared to talk to people as they will have stories to tell you 
  • Make sure you are prepared with our details, people might want to contact us.
  • One of the most important tips is Don’t shake your bucket as this is illegal  

    When you are done

    Once you have completed the day you need to make sure that you complete the following 

    • Make sure that you safely transport any money when leaving and going to bank the money, you would be safer doing this in pairs.
    • Give yourself a pat on the back let people know what you have done and how much you have raised maybe link it to your fundraiser link
    • Make sure to contact the authorities, they may need documentation of the collection.