Our resident Admiral Nurse Joe Costello went live on Facebook last night 21st September to answer some of your questions. Joe and his Dementia Advice Centre team have worked hard to maintain their support throughout the pandemic

Still open for business

The Dementia Advice  Centre (DAC) has continued to offer dementia specialist advice and support following the onset of COVID-19 in March.  We have been accessible and responsive to carers, families and professionals contacting our centre for dementia specialist support throughout the  past six months. The team at the DAC are available through the week Monday to Friday from 900-1700 to help answer any enquiry and referral relating to dementia and provide the essential support the referrer or enquiry needs.

Dementia Specialist Support 

The  dementia specialist  support we offer at present is carried out through telephone support to help understand the needs of our enquiries and referrals with offers of a Tiered Level of support which include supporting people to access information, services and clinical  specialist support  with the Admiral Nurse Service.  We have helped create and develop meaningful care  and personalised support plans for people which may include access to home, day, respite or residential support or wider support in the community. We have supported people with dementia and their carers to access health and social care assessment and reviews.

Lockdown Intervention 

During the lockdown we have  developed a project of early intervention in dementia where  carers are contacted to determine their coping with the  impact of living with dementia and  challenges of COVID 19.  This early  intervention project in the DAC is a  part of  a wellbeing call to ensure carers and families feel supported, opportunity to connect to dementia specialist support and services as well as feeling not alone or isolated  with living with dementia and the restrictions  of living with the pandemic.  Our welfare checks have helped support people to remain at home in their communities with having access to  arrange of support including formal care provision, companionship calls other voluntary sector organisations and clinical specialist support where needed from the Admiral Nurse.  This support is maintaining continuity in care and opportunities for care coordination and case management where people living with dementia and their carers do not have a named health or social care professional involved.  We offer different levels of support from the early intervention and welfare checks carried to ensure people are get the appropriate care and support.  This is helping reduce hospital and care home admission as well as enhancing the carer coping and managing the impact of dementia alongside living with the impact of COVID 19.

You can find out more about our DAC by contacting us at 0191 217 1323