Fundraising with friends and family can be a fun experience. We've pulled together a few ideas to get your fundraising off to a flying start. 

Dine with me? 

Why not host a dine with me competition with prizes and donations galore


Host a BBQ with fun and games, maybe charge an entrance fee to cover costs and a donation? Prizes for the games and incentives could be the deal for the day

Grow your own

Why not arrange a growing competition, you choose what you grow, you choose a judge or panel, you chose to donate to take part. make sure you set a decent time period and promote your event and activities online.

Treasure, treasure everywhere

Get your Robert Louis Stephenson on and create a treasure hunt. Maybe rope in a friend to help write the hunt, make it kid friendly and ask people to donate to take part? The great thing about the hunt is it can be as big or as small as you want!

Virtual Quiz

Why not host a quiz for your friends and family?

Part of the club? 

If you are part of a club why not use one of your normal events but get people to donate to Dementia Matters as an entry fee? 

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