Originally started as ‘A ordinary house in an Ordinary street’ over the years our Independent living service has thrived and developed into a popular alternative to residential care or care at home.

We have a variety of Houses including a five Bedroomed Georgian property close to the city centre, bespoke 5 bedroom bungalows located next to countryside parks with lots of local wild life and amenities

A Cul-de-Sac in a quiet village with a strong sense of community we have a series of four bedroom bungalows where residents rediscover the sense of being a neighbour and a part of the community.

All homes are fully staffed 24/7 to provide a sense of safety and security in your own home, staff a friendly and supportive and always there to help your independence thrive, while meeting your care requirements. 

We have field supervisors available 7 days a week to support when and where required ensuring we are a responsive and effective service.

Our ISL Manager will help plan your move to our services using quality personalised care and support planning, you can visit the properties and meet the field supervisors along with the staff to get a real feel of the environment.

With activity schedules in place, regular outings and trips you can choose to do as much or as little as you do much as you like with the opportunities of making new friends with like minded people.

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