Refer a Friend Scheme

Policy & Procedure


Lisa Barclay

Agreed with Management

6 July 2022

Implementation date

20 August 2022

Review Date

20 August 2024

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All policies at Dementia Matters are written with our values in mind: Passion, Honesty, Respect, Empowered, and Excellence.

Purpose and Scope

Dementia Matters is committed to being an employer of choice. As such, we hope that existing colleagues would recommend us as an employer to their friends. This scheme provides the framework and processes for those recommending their friends for vacancies within the organisation.

All employees, volunteers, trustees are expected to adhere to the provisions of this document when referring someone for employment.

Guiding Principles

Dementia Matters will pay an introduction bonus linked to the post, to any employee/volunteer trustee who introduces a job candidate who is subsequently employed by the organisation as a result of that introduction, provided that all the terms of this policy are satisfied.

The bonus will be paid on successful completion of the new employee's 6-month probation period. The bonus will be paid at £50 for Care and Support Workers and £80 for Home Support Workers.

Only one introduction bonus will be paid for each new employee hired. If more than one eligible employee refers the same successful job applicant, the introduction bonus will be paid to the employee whose name is submitted first in line with the procedure.

The introduction bonus is subject to tax and national insurance deductions.

There is no limit on the number of referrals that an employee can make. However, the bonus will only be paid following successful recruitment and completion of the probation period.

The recruitment referral scheme is limited to the recruitment of new employees and not employees returning to the organisation within 2 years of them leaving a previous role either employed or voluntarily) with the organisation. The new employee must not have been employed by the organisation previously/within the last two years in any capacity.

The new employee must be recruited within [one year] of the date the referral application is received although not necessarily into the specific position for which they were recommended.

Both the introducing employee and the new employee must be employed by the organisation at the time of payment. Where either party's contract of employment is under notice of termination (whether given by the employer or the employee) at the time the payment is due, the organisation retains full discretion not to pay the bonus.

The new employee must not have applied for the same job independently or been referred by another source such as a recruitment agency and must not have applied for another position within the organisation within the past year.

The referring employee must not be a recruiting manager, or any other employee involved in the relevant recruitment process.


The job candidate should complete and attach a copy of the job referral form (located in this document/available from the HR department/on the intranet) to their CV/ application form and submit this to the recruiting manager.

Note: it is important that the referring employee is named as such in the initial correspondence from the job applicant. No retrospective recruitment referral applications can be accepted.

The Recruiting Manager will notify successful referring employees only of the outcome of their application.

The Recruiting Manager will notify Payroll to process the bonus when the probation period has been completed.


Name of candidate


Position Applied for


Date of Application


Have you worked for Dementia Matters in the last two years?

Yes / No

Please indicate the role you are applying for

Home Support Worker

Care and Support Worker

Please indicate the kind of hours you are looking for

Full time

Part time 0 hours


I confirm that I have been referred for this post by the above-named person who will receive a bonus upon the successful completion of my 6-month probation period.

I understand that if I worked for Dementia matters in any capacity within the last two years then a bonus will not be paid.

Signature                     ………………………………………………………………………

Date                            ………………………………………………………………………

For Office Use Only

Recruitment Manager Name


Date Application Received


It is the responsibility of the recruiting manager to ensure that payroll is notified of the bonus payment following successful completion of the probation period and notify the referring employee of the status of the referral.