Originally started out as a small 5-bed respite unit over time and due to its heightened popularity the service has developed and expanded into an 8-bedroom service that now offers Respite and residential rooms. Respite Residential is a small-bespoke facility with high staffing ratios and access to the Bradbury day service and Gardens.

Our respite residential also boasts a luxury bathroom including a state of the art hydrotherapy bath, a modern accessibility suite to ensure all abilities can be cared for and a fun fully interactive Tovatafel table that provides hours of stimulation and fun for our guests.

Home cooked meals and a small dining area provide that more homely type feel and a lovely intimate lounge area with big screen TV, iPads, Radio and music players along with plenty of activities and games that can be participated in as a group or individually.

Your room, Your choice, we encourage our guests to bring their home comforts with them this helps make people feel safe and secure in their environment and most importantly the environment feels familiar to them.