In 2018 Femi decided she was going to enter two races (2018 Great North Run being one) and raise funds for Dementia Matters in honor of her Father. This culminated in the Paris Marathon early this Month. 

Who better than Femi to describe why she is clocking up the miles? 

"I have a Dad; I love my Dad.  He's been there for me all my life.  Not always when I wanted him (and some times when I didn't want him), but always when I needed him.  He's 87 this year and suffers from dementia.

My Dad was born in Lagos, Nigeria when it was part of the Empire.  His father worked on the railways and encouraged my Dad in his studies, which included training as a doctor at the University of Newcastle.  This had been something he'd wanted to do from a young age - he wanted to help those who were ill.

A few years ago Dad started to forget things, and repeat himself.  It soon became evident that it wasn't just "old age" and his doctor diagnosed vascular dementia.  It has developed very quickly to the point where, although he knows who I am, he can't always remember my name.  Philosophical to the end, when I asked him how he felt about his growing inability to make sense of the world he replied that there was nothing he could do about it so there was no point worrying.

Last year I called Dementia Care to see if there was anything that would help my Dad.  A volunteer called at my parent's house and spent a long time talking to them both about what services they offered.  At the time they didn't make use of what was on offer but Mam has started to access things which will help them both - this includes respite for Mam (I love my Mam) because it's hard looking after someone who doesn't, in any way, resemble the person you fell in love with.  I know it's been tough on both of them."

We think Femi is AMAZING and her hard work is really appreciated, if you think she is amazing too why not donate to her personal page?