Dementia Matters fundraising tips for using social media to maximise your potential

Social media is all about engaging with people and sharing information, which makes it the best tool at your disposal. It’s a great free way to promote your event, and share your stories, news and successes. Remember its easier to make contact with your friends via social media than in person.

  • Tweet and tell people about what you're doing and why. (the why will draw more support)
  • Share a link to your online fundraising page. 
  • Follow relevant people, local businesses and important people in your community. If they follow you back it might open up new opportunities for help with your fundraising
  • @reply your close connections on Twitter and ask them to retweet your tweets.
  • Try and mention @DementiaMattuk as we love to see your tweets and we can share them too!
  • Communicate with people outside of your followers by using a hashtag. Make hashtags relevant and always use your local area (like #Newcastle #Dementia).
  • Update your Facebook status about your fundraising, tell people why you're doing it, share a link to your online fundraising page.
  • If you're hosting an event, create an event on Facebook to invite friends and followers. Dont forget to tag us!
  • Upload photos to Instagram to engage people every step of the way and be sure to use hashtags to help you reach more people.
  • Update friends on your preparation so they know how much work you’re putting into raising money for our life saving research.
  • Don't forget your Dementia Matters resources to feature in your selfies.

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