Thank you for considering to host a Virtual Quiz in support of Dementia Matters.

In these extremely difficult times we continue to support some of the region's most vulnerable.

With your support, we can continue to support them at this time of need.

People like you allow us to continue our great work. 

How to organise a Virtual Quiz

  • Set a date and time (make sure people know about it)
  • Create your quiz, we have some great sample questions here
  • Create a fundraising page, you can do this here
  • Set up that virtual meet up! Zoom(great for big group but 40 minute time limit) Facebook (groups upto 50 no time limit) Skype (upto 50 people unlimited time, need an account though)
  • Invite people to take part, send them your fundraiser link and link to meet up! find hints and tips on promotion here
  • Host the night, enjoy the fun.

Give your Quiz that extra bit of something 

  • Have some performance rounds? Do you have a talent that sets you apart?
  • Why not give your quiz a theme?
  • Fancy Dress? Bonus points for the winners?
  • Background music? can someone be the DJ master? 

Fancy pushing you fundraising capacity?

  • Keep your social media updated why not share a link to your quiz and fundraiser? 
  • Hints, hints everywhere why not offer hints and clues to questions in exchange for donations?
  • Tag us in your event We would love to see what you are up to - we may even have some quiz champions following us? 
  • Pay to play could there be a fee for taking part with a prize fund? 
  • Inspire why not do a little speech to let people know why you are fundraising for Dementia Matters? 
  • Hands in their pockets you could ask people to donate what they would normally spend on a night out a quiz? 

Remember to set up your fundraiser here

Thinking of setting up something different? why not head to our fundraising page for more ideas?