Set up your fundraiser and get your office involved in the fun

The simple bake sale

Its an oldie but a goodie, who doesn't like a good bit of cake? Rope in the whole office and it becomes an easy way to bring in the dough.

The good old dress down day

Another oldie but any excuse to have a bit of a dress down day at work. 

The office swear jar

Is anyone in the office particularly sweary? reckon you could make a fortune from them. A simple swear jar can fill up quite quickly.

Sponsored silences

Do you have any particularly gobby colleagues? who wouldn't want to put the squeeze on their boss to be quite for a day? Get colleagues involved in this 'golden' challenge

Exercise in the office

Can you get a rowing machine or treadmill into the office and have a team relay? Maybe you could do laps of the office block or around the area? Those that don't get involved sponsor right? 

Monthly Car wash

Does what it says on the tin. Hold a monthly car wash and people to donate for their car to be washed. 

Corporate Partner

Would you consider putting us forward for your companies Charity Of The Year. Please have a word with you bosses and we could strike up an amazing partnership. To find out a little bit more about Corporate Partners head here

Working from home

We know a lot of people are now working from home remote working, we have you covered, don't fear. you can set up your own remote fundraiser and even promote on social media with our top tips

Cake Bake competition

We know you wont be able to taste each others culinary delights but why not have a cake bake/ decorating competition? Prizes for the winners and the donation is the entry fee? 


Charge everyone a set fee to enter in the sweepstake, pull names out of a hat and wait for the winner to be announced at the end of the event! Then split the collection 50/50 between the winner and the charity. (this could be done in the office too!)

Budding artists

Do you have any office artists? you could have an artist competition or photography or both.

Collection event 

Get the workplace together and hold a collection at your local supermarket or shopping centre and help bring in that spare change to raise funds for those living with dementia. We have you covered with everything you need here